Gp Music Redesign

GP Music brings country’s largest digital music collection and provides passionate music listeners with an experience like never before.

GP Music offers both online and offline music streaming with unmatched music quality. You can find your desired music at your fingertips; GP Music has the largest local music library along with the latest international releases. Dive into hundreds of curated playlists and make your own personalized playlists with your favourite tracks. Choose from our spectacular music collection and make your moments special.GP Music offers you a 30 day free trial to enjoy your favourite music. After that, you can choose from different subscription plans which best suit your needs.Unique Features of GP Music:

From last few months we have analysis the existing website and application to rethink and rebuild with new features.

Research & Analysis of the current GP Music application

First of all, GP music website and application was carefully analysed in order to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the current design and experience. We found some serious issue on their existing website and app, here is some area we marked and improved by user analysis. One of the main part of GP music website and user flow.

Most of the targeted users are from Bangladesh, We need think and reassemble the contents to more the user experience better.

Features and Functionality of GP Music

We used to listen music on GP music. We feel limitation and few features are missing. When we have planed to redesign the website and app of GP music then we took lots of time for analysis of existing features. We also found some features and function that can add some core values for the users.

One the right-side you can see list of new features we have find out for redesign and rethink of GP music.

If you think there is any suggestion or feedback regarding those features and functionalities let us know by comments.


Visual Design

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